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Wait... Why is this rated so badly? I usually hate rap or other things like that, but this one was quite more enjoyable! ^^ I must say, I usually hate other raps because there isn't any melody in the background, or it is almost unhearable. This song is really awesome! Also, I usually have difficulties listening to English songs because it isn't my native language. I found it surprising how I could easily understand the lyrics. That's a good point too ^^

However, nothing is perfect. One thing I didn't quite like was the more quiet voice. It sounded a little weird. And I didn't really like the ending, but it isn't a major point.

Overall, that song was awesome! ^^ Keep it up!
(4.5/5, 5/5)

It needs more work.

I must say, that intro was long, even if there was some melody and drums adding up, it felt too repetitive. Also, about that drum, you really should add some variety so it. It also needs an actual ending with a grand finale like a build up or something similar. Anyway, the melodies were quite enjoyable, but they were too repetitive. I would have liked to hear a different melody on the different samples instead of adding a new sample for each new melody.

Finally, this song is quite enjoyable, but you will need to work a little more on it.


I must say, I'm not really fan of the intro, well, not until the melody came in at 0:15. But, as of the rest of the song, I really enjoyed it! However, having always the same pattern playing through the world song may be a bad thing for others. I must say, it was getting quite repetitive near the end.

Anyway, 4 stars rating/review and a download! Great music!

MyBrainBecameTechno responds:

Haha I tryed to be nice and simple this time and here comes back the same thing to repetitive =D
Check out my Attack of the brains song that's is not repetiteve it's more complex since i spended more time on it thnx for the review

I really loved it! I can't say really much about it, it just sounds awesome. I really liked the bell and the guitar parts. I also like the drum patterns, it's always hard to have good percussions in orchestral songs. Five out of five rating/review! ^^

stunkel responds:

Thank you so much!!! This review made me smile! I'm really glad that you liked it! :) And thanks for giving such awesome reviews!

Well, that was awesome! I must say, I love how the samples fit perfectly the music. The reason I gave it a 4.5/5 is that the ending wasn't really satisfying, but, still, this song is awesome! ^^

5/5 rating and favorited!

corndl responds:

Thank you very much ! Any suggestion for a better ending ?

I can't say really much. Your instrument choice was perfect to me, the only thing I didn't really like, however, is the long violin sound that plays through the whole song. I must say, I never played Fire Emblem on the Gamecube, but if it's in the original song, just ignore that last thing.

Anyway, 4.5 rating and a vote of five!

stunkel responds:

Oh why thank you very much! I am glad that you liked it! And I didn't think that was so noticeable DX I tried to cover it up but I guess not DX Thanks for the review though!

*WARNING, shitty english.*
That music was quite awesome.

I must say, I loved it! At the begining, just before 0:20, I instantly thought of Metroid other M. What I love about songs is when it makes me think of other songs that I love. Anyway, for the song itself. I really liked the build up in the whole music. However, the background bass (Not sure how to call it...) is getting quite repetitive near the end. I however, don't know how you could change it to make it sound better without ruining the song's impression.

Anyway, that's pretty much it! I really liked it! ^^

stunkel responds:

Thank you! :D And yeah that's the biggest complaint about the song I get, it is a little repetitive. I actually made this for somebodies outro on youtube. But I appreciate you listening! I hope you come by to review some more of my music

*Warning, shitty english*

Wow, at least, I can say that song is unique. Having derp basses is not something you see in each song x)

I really liked that song, however, there is a small flaw. Small, but still. I find the strange percussion sound that first occurs at 0:35 and come back more often later quite weird. I don't know why, but in my head, it just sounds that it isn't quite fitting the song. Anyway, this is my opinion and I think you meant to make it sound like that.

5/5, 4.5/5

I found that song quite funny and I hope that you keep up the good work. ^^

*Warning, shitty english*

Oh god, this is Epic. I may be a little late to do a review, but I'm still gonna write one.

I love how all the different instruments sound all-together. Orchestral remixes are always awesome. Another thing I liked about your song is how you just added some variations to the original melody. When I do this, people aren't really happy >.> I couldn't really find any flaws, so, this is kind of an useless review, or not. It totally worths its great rating. Awesome work!

What I like about remixes like this, is that either people who watch the show and those who don't can fully enjoy the song.

5/5, 5/5, Favorited, Author favorited, Downloaded.

I can't really do better. I hope that you continue in that way, you're awesome! Keep it up!

That was just awesome! I must say, somes parts made me think about Skylands in Metroid Prime 3... (At ~1 minute, the slow background melody) This music is Epic and it totally worths its five perfect reviews and its 4.70 rating...

5/5, Favorited, Author Favorited, Downloaded. It's going directly into my MP3 player!

Chocodude15 responds:

Why thank you kind sir, its comments like this which inspires me to make more music, keep an eye out, something new is coming out soon (:

Nothing to say there, except that I do music. Oh, and I'm trash, in case you didn't know.

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