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Epic, Just epic.

Now, I do not know what to say... Just Epic.
(However, it was quite repetitive. That's why I gave it a nine)

Pinwizkid responds:

Thanks man! And cheers for being the first to review one of my tracks! I appreciate it :)

Yeah, it's a bit repetitive. The track actually ends at 1:55 and is just goes through a repeat from there. Glad you liked it though!

First thing I said... "Guitar Hero!"

This song is amazing! I usualy HATE heavy metal songs but this one sounds different. I didn't really like the intro but the rest of the song is Epic. With the solos, I felt like I was AGAIN fighting Lou on exp-... Hard mode... You worked really well on this song and that's why I gave it a nine on ten!

Seriously, you've got a new fan.

'Was a Epic song.

deadlyfishes responds:

Thanks! The intro is really metal-like so I can understand why you didn't like it too much. Also I have so much more so please check out my other stuff on my audio portal here on NG, but be sure to check out all of my music here: matthewpablo.com


It's a song that seems made up just for parties. Seriously. You just put this song up in a nightbox and everybody will be dancing. And, I found it could also be use for a game clear fanfare >. > Hum, I wasn't expecting this from you but it's really cool. I liked the end, also. I liked the melody and everything. Well, usually, I prefer Trance/Techno/Classical. But this one is a good one, also.
5/5 / 10/10
Thanks for this Epic music.

larrylarrybb responds:

Thanks! I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out but it came out alright.

Just awesome.

Well, I don't like sleeping anymore. I just whant to drink coffee the whole night! (And maybe the two others too.)
I just loved this music. Its really cool. And, at first, I didn't even know that music was looping... Just awesome.

Huuuuum... No comment about the title...

So, I clicked the music just to do a bad score because of the title. But, I listenned to the music and, I changed my mind.

So the music, now!

Sometimes, the sounds are too sharp. But, I liked when the melody appeared at the start. It's pretty good but near the end, it changes all of a sudden and the sound at the end... It's a annoying sound... So, that hitted the score. But, I liked the music. Not enough to download it but still pretty good. It could be cool if you could work on it.

%u266A Epic %u266A

I just love it. Instant fav', Instant download.
Well, it's maybe a litle repetitive. But, the song is so good that we ignore this. We just listen to it and... Fell in nostalgy. Well, the first thing that came in my head when I listened to this song was the first Final Fantasy. I just loved it and like ImpluseKrios said, that would be EPIC if you were workin for Square Enix.

ChronoNomad responds:

Toss a few recommendation letters my way, and I'll be a shoe-in. Square Enix, here I come!

Thanks for all the positive feedback! I love hearing things like this. Who wouldn't? ^_^


You are really epic. But, the guast's sound are may be a little too off synch. But, still epic ^_^

Pretty good.

I fell on this music totally randomely. I writed a random number and fell on this music. And it's really good. But a litle repetitive, tough.
Good ^^.


This is really epic... I love it! I love the mix between mario and zelda video games musics ^^
5/5 10/10

EVEN more nostalgy!

Now.... IT's just like the good old times... Playing the bests games ever on SNES... Super Metroid... Donkey Kongs country... Super mario world... This music is so much nostalgy... Just like the original... I always loved this music and I'll always love it... It's... Soooo beautiful... You've got a 5/5 and a 10/10.


(Faved, also.)

Nothing to say there, except that I do music. Oh, and I'm trash, in case you didn't know.

Music and stuff


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